Terms and Conditions

1) Introduction:
Welcome to SAWAHI dot com and below you enumerate Terms and Conditions of Use and services that you may deal with it or within our website.

2) Definitions:
SAWAHI: is electronic commerce site is called here as follows SAWAHI.
Username: is SAWAHI user or anyone benefiting from SAWAHI Services .

3) Price:
The price of each product displays directly, in the case of sale or special offer, we displays the discount rate, and retain SAWAHI has the right to change prices without notices at any time, SAWAHI is not responsible if the price on the website is different than prices of the same class in any of the local or global stores.

4) Currency:
All prices are set on the basis of the SD Pound (SDG), in the case of a request prices requested in any other currency based SAWAHI will exchange prices by the average conversion rates stated in the global markets that updating weekly schedules to ensure the products closer to the price of a country's currency required.

5) payment:
You are responsible for any amounts due on any products you have ordered through your account, and if we do not receive the amount from the issuance of your credit card or agents or your bank account, you agree to pay all amounts owed to us, and will be responsible for any receipt of amounts overdue costs maturity.

6) Credit Cards
We accept Visa and MasterCard various types and use PayPal (PayPal) as a gateway to pay also, you will be asked on the payment page about your credit card details (name on card, card number, expiration date and the last three or 4 digits of the number on the back of your credit card). SAWAHI ensure safe and secure credit card transactions.
While doing the order, we provide you with the details of the transaction are obtained and get the authorization for the exact amount of the order .
• The amount collected only when you complete the order and goods are sending.
As part of the procedures for implementing the order we are examining all orders received to detect any fraud or any kind of non-expressly authorized or illegal activities, and we reserve the right to refuse to execute any order because of suspected fraud or any unauthorized activity or illegal.
We also reserve the right to cancel any accounts or refuse shipping to specific addresses because of suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity, and we take these precautions to protect our customers and also to protect ourselves from fraud or any unauthorized activity or illegal.
All steps and transactions of credit cards available, and be sure of the validity of the company's name and documents on the website of the registered users before transferring to payment gateways.

7) Agreement:
Moving items to the shopping cart without completing the purchase cycle does not constitute a sale agreement between SAWAHI users

And nor users can’t carries SAWAHI responsibility if these items were not available when they complete procurement cycle later, or constitute an order for this product.
May SAWAHI cancel this type of shopping cart or a list of orders if goods ran out of stock.
Sales between SAWAHI and user agreement applies only when:
1) be received authorization from the credit card issuing bank.
2) Reflected an electronic transfer the deposit to SAWAHI bank account statement (and only if this amount is received within 3 (three) business days after the completion of the purchasing cycle.
3) Reflected or direct deposit to SAWAHI bank account statement (and only if this amount is received within 3 (three) business days after the completion of the purchasing cycle.
SAWAHI maintains right to refuse or execute an order without giving any reasons, SAWAHI also maintains right to abolition of full or partial orders as conditions required, and be SAWAHI on the Internet only obligated to return payments made by the user.

SAWAHI doing efforts to display the correct prices. And if there were errors and varieties offered the wrong prices, SAWAHI will not be obliged to sell goods as the erroneous order and be binding only refunds.

8) Taxes and import duties :
Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes imposed upon the arrival of your package to your country. SAWAHI Do not receive fees and taxes to the orders and cannot predict by how are your fees assigned, if you incur these additional charges, they must be paid until they are rid of your expulsion from the customs, the tax receipt by the shipping company upon delivery. . (In case of shipping outside UAE).

For more information about the special customs policies of your country, please contact the customs office in your area. (Applied Only if the shipping address outside UAE).

The total fees for the shipping is calculated as follows:

The total fees for shipment to the customer = freight by SAWAHI agreement with the shipping company + additional fuel surcharge of 6% of the freight + mailing tax of 10% of the freight + import price fee of the retail (this price in the Gulf Cooperation Council is 5% and its vary from country to another).

(Applied Only if the shipping address outside Sudan) .

9) Terms and conditions of supply:
SAWAHI deliver described goods to its customers through a variety of shipping companies, which represents agents for the supply of trade.
Delivery is usually within 2 days after purchase inside UAE, but if the shipping address outside UAE, the shipping period may extend between 7-10 working days, of course, the seasonal peak times and delays in customs etc. ... beyond the SAWAHI control of processing and delivery may take two weeks.
We calculate shipping cost for each product separately during the shopping process by shipping companies that we are supported, SAWAHI may recalculate as one fees for all order products in a particular circumstances.
We provide you a signal to all orders to clarify once you confirm the time of delivery.

Orders submitted on Fridays is held on Saturday morning, Orders made and submitted on weekdays before two o'clock noon will processed on the same day, Orders are made and submitted after two o'clock after noon will processed on the next day.

10) Orders undelivered and out of stock:
Orders and undelivered goods include items that ran out of stock , and in most cases where these items are under the demand of the stores or authorized dealers participating in SAWAHI, and in some cases we are looking or waiting for information from the goods of one or more of our suppliers.
The SAWAHI will make all effort to re-class (varieties) to the repository as soon as possible, and if we cannot provide shipping the item (s) to you within 30 days, will e-mail you to declare the situation of order, and if we have identified any reason that Order backward the product is not available, we'll cancel the order and notify you via e-mail alert. We will not debit your credit card until the product was sent to you, so that your credit card does not need to compromise when you cancel the order.

11) Disclaimer:
In special cases, and some countries, some goods such as perfumes cannot be shipped for security reasons such as flammable items, and you simply make sure the standard in your country before it is presented in the order.
SAWAHI website may be exposed to stop because of breakdowns and maintenance work and you'll be OK that SAWAHI Mall is not obligated to support the website on any way or another. Which does not give a guarantee of the website was free of viruses or bugs or loss of the entire information by virtue of its presence in the Internet with all the this risks.

12) special offers:
SAWAHI will not be responsible for sale items at a lower price if has increased these prices when users or buyers did not or able to complete order agreement selling when prices were reduced, if SAWAHI deliver the wrong product or damaged, we will replace the right product and SAWAHI will pay the cost of difference, but it is if the product is not displayed at a special price, will not be replaced and SAWAHI will refund the purchase price and deducted the delivery costs.

13) Product Orders:
Prices and availability of products and services listed on SAWAHI are subject to change without any notice , insert a description or reference to a product or service on the website does not mean that the product or service is currently available or that we endorse that product or service, in case that the product or service is listed at a wrong price due to a typographical error, an error in the pricing of the supplier and stores, or any other reason, it is our right to refuse or cancel any order to this product or service in wrong price, even if the order has been confirmed or deducted on your credit card. If your credit card has been deducted in advance of the purchase was canceled your order, we immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the same amount of the wrong price value.

14) reviews:
May SAWAHI cancel , change or suspend or discontinue any aspect of this website, including the availability of any features of the website at any time without any notice, SAWAHI maintains rights as its sole discretion to change, modify add or remove any portion of these items in whole or in parts at any time without notice , may SAWAHI cancel the authorization, rights and license given here at any time and without notice , continued use of this site after any changes to these items, Means you agreed with this chang es.

15) Disputes:
In case of any dispute of any kind which was established between the parties in any matter set forth or arising out of this agreement have not been resolved through customer relationship management in SAWAHI, this conflict display on a confidential arbitration based on UAE laws, Arbitration procedures must be in UAE.

16) Period and cancellation:
This Convention applies when the user is registered at SAWAHI and will continue without specifying until terminated by the user or SAWAHI official Employees.

17) Copyright:
Website, themes and graphics, logos, button icons, images, recordings audio and the selection and arrangement, and all programs are designed copyrights are reserved for SAWAHI, department of XCORNER E-TRADING LLC and All rights reserved. A composition (mean receiving, organizing and assembling) and is protected by the copyright laws of UAE and the international laws of copyright. All software used on the website is a special development for SAWAHI and or software vendors are protected by international laws.

Permission is granted for copy mail and print a paper copy of the parts of website in order to make an order at SAWAHI or use website as a source of shopping, is strictly prohibited any other use of the materials on the website, including reproduction for purposes other than those authorized by the above amendment The distribution and re-release or transmission, display or act without any written permission to do so.

SAWAHI cannot view or edit all the content available on our website so SAWAHI does not have any responsibility for the contents of illegal or defamatory, We are encouraged users to inform SAWAHI for any material be offensive or illegal immediately.

18) Responsibility of using website
As a user of SAWAHI you understand the responsibilities as follows :
You acknowledge that SAWAHI disclaims any responsibility or liability in respect of any contravention of the terms of this agreement.
You agree that any question or complaint or claim about :
I. Supplier warrantee (for example, for products or customer service provided or connection) for the resource or the seller that is a supplier concerned,
II. Someone who pay or paid with your account or your information without notice.
III. SAWAHI does not guarantee accuracy or completeness, timeliness, reliability for product, or pricing, editorial commentary or specifications, or any other content on SAWAHI.com, regardless of its source. We did not explicitly mention that guaranteed By SAWAHI.
You Should not rely on any information in situations that may cause accuracy in exposure to any loss.
SAWAHI does not claim any responsibility for the inaccuracy or incompleteness of all of the search results, and editorial content , and evaluations of users ( for example, user assessment for suppliers or products), or any other content on SAWAHI website or any part of it.

19) Brands and Logos
All pages and graphics Customs addresses, buttons and icons, service marks, trademarks and / or dresses on shops and customers and brands of SAWAHI most not be used in connection with any product or service not offered by SAWAHI or in any way cause confusion among customers, or in any way demean or questioned in any trademark on SAWAHI.

20) Copyrights
All content, trademarks and data on this Internet site, for example, but not limited to software, databases and themes, graphics, icons and links and quick information, designs and agreements are owned by or licensed to SAWAHI, and so they are protected from rags under the laws and international conventions.

21) Account registration
If you want to buy any products or use certain services on SAWAHI, you must open an account, and Giving us the required information, by entering any information on the Site, you represent and guarantee that:
You are aged at least 18 years .
You use your real identity.
You are provided true, correct and completed information .
You will be maintained to complete and update the information you provided a true and correct to make them and keep up with and completed. Add to that that you agree to maintain the strict confidentiality of your account and any passwords issued to you to use or access the Site or any part of it, and you agree not to allow anyone else to use any name / user names or passwords / passwords you are use, you will be responsible for all activity occurs under your account or password. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurs as a result of your failure to comply with these terms, and all information provided to us will be used under our privacy policy terms.

If you wish to cancel your username or password, or if you are aware of any loss, theft or unauthorized use is for your/a user name or password, please let us know immediately using our contact form. We reserve the right to delete or change any user name or password at any time and for any reason.

You know and agree that the SAWAHI notify amend the Terms and Conditions and which may increase your obligations to SAWAHI or less your rights in accordance with any modifications made to the agreement and its our authority in SAWAHI.com to make any fundamental changes in the website or the entire website without prior notice with immediate impact modification and only an announcement will made on website to inform.

22) Order terms :
SAWAHI has the right to cancel any membership where conditions do not materialize above (see the Account registration terms) without any prior notice and are returned all amounts in the account payment with the same way paid as possible.
Order total most paid in full advanced in one payment type’s available on-website or pay cash on delivery (C OD).
When payment is wire transfer the name of the cardholder or account must match with the addressee's name.

In case you are willing to pay bank Hawala, must send the total amount of order in advance of the completion of the process on the website.

Write the correct address with full contact details.

when the request of order shipment as a gift, The sender most pay costs of products in advance and there is way of gifts payment is available on SAWAHI.

SAWAHI entitled to ask about the identity papers in case of called for it.

The customer has rights to cancel or modify the order if it agrees with the terms of the cancellation and modification described below.

Products sent outside UAE must be under the name of personal products and, gifts, samples, or otherwise and most be paid in advance.

Prices are subject to change SAWAHI grantee the specified price when order is completed only.

The warranty on electronic parts are based on product manufacturer unless indicated by more information.

SAWAHI has the rights to cancel the reduction coupon without mentioning the reason.

The breach of one of the previous conditions will expose you to legal accountability.

SAWAHI entitled to cancel one of the conditions or add additional conditions when need to do so.

23) Terms of order cancelation or amendment
Customer is entitled to change or cancel the order unless the order is shipped and will be charged by 10 AED, or 5%, whichever is greater (administrative fee).
In order of a product must be imported from outside of UAE, Customer can cancel or change request unless shipped from the source and is applied to the fees set out in the first condition.

When you cancel the request and agree with the above conditions will be the remaining amount is refunded, client shall bear any bank fees owed to send payment.

The customer will assumes any fees or taxes as a result of sending the amount as instructed by the country.

24) SAWAHI Protection
Must be reported immediately for problems or any flaws that violate the user agreement with SAWAHI; you should inform SAWAHI with all available ways.
If you believe that your intellectual property rights or violated, or SAWAHI rights of intellectual you must inform SAWAHI directly,

If the term proved above, it is entitled to SAWAHI to cancel or suspend the membership of users who cause damage without any prior notification and has a take any legal action has been or technology to maintain the rights and intellectual property.

SAWAHI prevents display links whether specializes in products or any products or other websites and bear the title of the show any damages that may arise from it.

You agree to provide a guarantee of good use of the site according to the agreement and therefore you agree to provide security for SAWAHI and all its employees, agents and providers of services and protect them from any harm by the breach of the Terms of Service or User Agreement .

25) Dissemination of Feedback

The feedback will be useful in one way or another in the evaluation of products and would create confidence among the pioneers of the site in products and services.

you agree to the

deployment of your feedback or a user name and display data within the website.necessarily easier
but, well, as the kids say, "rigorously interesting". Too many catalog stores only make life complicated by offering quality, quality,
quality and not listening to the needs of the customer, who wants more than anything to have something no one else has
regardless of how well it's made.