Returns and Exchanges

Shipping and Return Terms

1- Introduction:

We have focused on selection to get the best international shipping companies that have to guarantee that the ordered products are delivered quickly and in a healthy state, we are in SAWAHI studied the multiple ways in which we take into account for charging customers desire high quality of delivery service .

All shipments through SAWAHI will include a number of followed to facilitate the process of following up your order and easy to find the shipment website.

2 - returns policy

We are proud of SAWAHI reputation in terms of quality and excellent value, if you were not convinced with our products we will help you much as possible to return or replacement within 7 working days .

The customer should notice us within two days or 48 hours to via e-mail or call about the wrong product was sent or his desire to return the products .

· SAWAHI Does not support replacement of goods, we accept replacement only if the product was sent by mistake .

· We only consider items that are not opened and ensure that in its original package .

· No refund or replacement bras or underwear, swimwear, fragrances that have been opened .

3-Shipping fees

If the return Items are wrong shipped or double shipment. SAWAHI bear the shipping costs. If users are no longer interested in the products or varieties user will bear the shipping costs, as well as the customer will bear the amount of (2% or 40 SDG) as a services and operations fees.

4- Refund Terms

Refund will be within fifteen days after date of returns items has been received, the amount will be added to your credit card or via the payment method that has been used .

To claim a refund on special offer / buying multiple items, you must return all items in that offer at the time of redemption .

You will only refund the same printed on the purchase / delivery order summary amount (based on return and delivery terms).

You must call or contact customer service on website to facilitate the return process .

5- Terms and Conditions

If you received a damaged commodity as a result of shipment or not working properly, SAWAHI will return all amounts paid after we receive the product, the examination requires contact us via e-mail within 24 hours of shipment received and we will get back the items through the same shipping agent .

We are ensuring the completeness followed by quality measures in SAWAHI before being shipped to avoid mistakes .

Shipments containing products should be sent from one of our distributors may take a period of not less than 48 hours to be delivered, and we will add them to your shipment and sent directly to you .

Products that must be ordered from our warehouses outside of UAE do not have to pay the extra shipping charge for the request .

The standard delivery time is 3 days with the knowledge that on Thursday and Friday is an official holiday .

All shipments sent will be traceable through the shipping company website, and tracking numbers will be available in your SAWAHI account .

The freight rates may be changed without prior notice .

The shipping fees will bear to client when returning of goods was in event of dissatisfaction and the product was in original condition and should not be expendable products.

Shipping fees are calculated according to the total weight of the request and destination .

The freight rates are not set out to negotiate, where it was agreed with the shipping companies on a discount price .

Free shipping offers are limited only to some products and not be applied to whole order .

Any delay beyond the 7 days from the delivery date requires contact us to fetch .

If the order large quantities you must update the shipments fees as consistent of quantities shipping SAWAHI will not be responsible for any changes in shipping fees .

SAWAHI does not bear any costs related to the return shipping as a result of an error in the address or information provided by the user and you agree that you will be charged by any additional costs related to errors in wrong title and information delivery you provide .

SAWAHI abandon any legal liability or commercial shipments mailing when subjected to customs duties, suspension, confiscation and the customer most be well known with tax and customs laws in his country before purchase .

If your area does not exist in our shipping table please email us to know your shipping fees .

Will not be accepted any shipping or carrier by the client unless being compliant with our standards .

Customer is entitled to request the shipment through

various shipping companies or pick the order from the company and bear the shipping costs

Policy on Returns and Exchanges

1Pack all the items in the original packing. Items bought as sets must be returned in sets.
2Fill in the return request form attached to the order.
3Attach a copy of the sales check, specify the method of refund (a postal order or a transfer to the bank account).
4Send the parcel to this address:
3993 Hanover Street, New York, NY 10016
5After you have sent the parcel, please inform us of that by sending an email to [email protected].

Eligibility of Items for Return or Exchange

Customers have the right to return any purchased items without defining the reason within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the moment of receiving those items from the Seller or the Seller's representatives. The items can be returned if their consumer properties, factory labels, and ready-for-sale condition are preserved.

To return the items, Customers must submit the copy of proof of purchase and fill in the return request form.

Rules on returning and exchanging Items with discovered defects:

Customers are entitled to notify the Seller of any discovered defects and demand to rectify them within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the moment of the receiving the Items from the Seller or the Seller's representatives. The only exception are defects caused by improper handling of the Items by the Customer.

Customers have the right to refuse to take Items and ask for a money refund. In this case the Items must be returned to the Seller, and their consumer properties, factory labels, and ready-for-sale condition are preserved.

To return the Items, you must submit the copy of proof of purchase and fill in the return request form.

Our return and refund policy is described above. According to NYS law, stores are legally required to post their refund policy. If a store does not post any return policy, the law requires the store to accept returns within 30 days of purchase.