fantasy wireless & Limitless charger

fantasy wireless & Limitless charger

499.00 SDG
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Provide wireless charging panel. With this elegant accessory, you can charge compatible Galaxy smart phones and other Qi compatible devices without having to connect your phone directly to a wall charger or USB port. Simply plug the wireless charging pad into your phone's power source on the charging board and your phone will start charging automatically.

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Wireless Charger

Qi standard

Model:The Enterprise

Product size: 100mmx9.5mm

Product weight: 80 g

Fast charging speed: Charge Output up to 1A

Low temperature: driverdesign

Safe: Bulit in over voltage, low voltage, short circuit protection

Input: 5V/ 2A

onput: 5V / 1A

Change Efficienc:> 73%

Distance:< 8 mm

made in China

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