Cordur Carpets

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Carpets, floor mattresses

Price in points: 226 points
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Runner for hallway // rug runner for kitchen // mulch floor

● Material: Mixed

● Size: Height * Width (can be customized)

● Process: robotic weaving

● Style: Simple Modern

● Advantages: Smooth fabric, can contact with skin, strong water absorption,

It is not sticky, non-slip.

● Applicable scene: the kitchen, the study, the stairs, the dressing room, the balcony,

Living room, corridor, sleeping office, office buildings, hotel corridor, etc.

● Cleaning method: suction clean and hand wash


1. The water temperature is less than 40 degrees

2. Not bleachable.

3. It is stretched and dried

4. Low iron iron

● Material: A hallway runner rug is a mixture of materials

● Features: The room carpets are machine-woven, the shape of the blanket is firm;

The rubber layer on the back is flat, taut and thick.

And easy to clean, very practical

size 80×300


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